Five for Friday! September 20th

Yes, I know it is Saturday.
It is really hard to keep up with everything right now
I am planning a blog post about the juggling act of August and September and teachers....
Watch for it!

In the meantime, here's Five for Friday!

So, you probably know, or might know that I am a STEM lab teacher. So, I have three to four classes each day in grades three through five. The classes last for an hour. The prep is enormous and I also have a lab zoo to care for.
Point is...I take a lot of steps. Easily 9-10 thousand everyday (accoring to my Fitbit Zip).
Here's my new obsession:
Yes, that is my neat little row of sneakers. In many colors- as I always match.
I need some blue ones
and purple.
Pink is covered.

So, speaking of the STEM Lab.
My third graders are experimenting with candy. I saw a pin about gobstoppers and started thinking about why the colors separate the way they do. I tried it and it's pretty fascinating.
Here's a shot of my experiment:

Next week, the third graders are going to try other candy experiments. They have all tried the Gobstopper one and they are wondering: what happens if you use a different liquid, what happens with different candy, what happens if the Gobstoppers touch each other, what happens if you eat some candy while Mrs. D is not watching (no one has actually tried this because we do not taste in science class)....
Anyway it should be a fun week with the littles!

Back in the lab I had this genius idea to try pancake recipes. It really, truly is a great idea and we are loving it. But it is a management nightmare. I will devote an entire blog post to it one day.

So which of these pancakes have too much baking powder??

Just to give you a glimpse into the pancake world of the lab here are some words that came out of my mouth this week:

The answer was, "Yes!" I can't tell you what I said in response- it was full of  the word really.....

Finally, I had a friend on Instagram send me a message yesterday. She had checked the Pinterest board where TpT posts the Newsletter Free Downloads each week.
ready for this?
My Engineering Design Process Posters
Newsletter for tomorrow!!!
I have only submitted the set about 8 jillion times.

I will update you on my newsletter adventure!

Have a great weekend!


  1. lol...licking the batter bowl...too funny! Really...sounds just like something I would interject. Congrats on the TPT milestone, how exciting to be featured in the newsletter! Woo Hoo! The candy experiments look like so much fun. That is fantastic that it is causing the students to ask so many questions...that is true learning. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. LOVE what you are doing in Science - the kids must LOVE you! I've never even had or heard of Gobstoppers before!

  3. Loved reading about your five things! Thanks for sharing! And Congrats on the TpT exposure!


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