Five for Friday! September 26!

So, Happy end of September!
I decided this week to find something each day to mention for Five for Friday! So here we go:

I handed out lab sheets for third graders that are experimenting with candy. I actually had a child say, "Hey Mrs. Davis. I like this font you used on this paper!"
The font, by the way is Kimberly Geswein's font called Primary Penmanship.
Click on the sample to get this great font! It is free for personal use, but only $5 for a license!
Kids seem to love it...


So, last week we had Open House on Thursday and stayed at school until 7:30. The next day was Grandparent's Day which means we had ten trillion grandpas and grandmas walking around most of the day. It is super fun for them and the kids, but hard on teachers.
Today, was early release day for parent conferences. Kids left at 11:00, but teachers had to stay until 7:00 PM!
Wow. Really, I mean I decided to be a teacher cause you work from 8:00-3:00.....just sayin'

So, today I had a FIFTH GRADER come up to me as class began and this is what she said,
"Hey I just wanted to tell you that I might be very distracted today  because later this afternoon we are leaving for a trip to the beach."
My response was probably a little over the top and maybe even a tad, dare I say, not nice, but here's my reply,
"Great news, I am so excited for you. But I often come to school a little distracted with personal matters, however, when I come in the door I forget all about that and just do my job. That  is my expectation for you as well."

What I really also wanted to do was show her this:

Made me laugh!
Anyway, what's with taking kids out of school to go to the beach.....


Huge gigantic milestone happened today!

Look at this:

That's from my little TpT store. How cool is that? 1000! What?

I will leave you with this!
It's happening in ONE week, people. You will want to see this blog hop!

Look for it- October 3!

Have a great weekend!

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