Five for Friday~ The Scary Version!

Hey Bloggy Friends!
It's Halloween and what better way to  greet this day 

First, let's thank Doodle Bugs for hosting this weekly randomness party....

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other evening (cause that's what I do when something boring is on TV, which is pretty much all the time) and I saw a pin about things that scare you.
I added that to my list of things to blog about and then realized it was Halloween, so here ya go:

FIVE Random Scary Things (for me)
I am warning you, some of this is pretty scary, spooky, alarming, and you might squeal.....
just sayin'...

The worst scary thing for me is falling from a high place.
You know that dream where you are falling and then suddenly you wake up as you hit the ground...which is really the bed...pretty awful feeling and then you don't want to go back to sleep cause you might keep going in the dream.
Anyway, one day about two years ago I did this:
I know some of you have seen this picture before, but I am sharing it again.
It was actually not scary. It was very different than expected. The falling part was not scary, just cold! I would even do it again!

Next scary thing....spiders...
You know, those sneaky fast ones that run and get away before you can squish them and then you wonder where they are....ughhhhhhh

This was funny until I remembered I have done that...

I am scared of pulling into intersections.
There is always that one stupid car that runs the light and comes out of no where. When my dad was teaching me to drive he actually had me practice pulling up to red lights and waiting for a few seconds before going forward. I promise- this has saved my life several times. So, pause before you go forward, please.

Do you need more words than that?

This movie came out when I was a teenager. I still remember sitting in the theater and hearing that opening Jaws music and seeing the girl in the water at night. Even before she was eaten I knew it was a mistake for me to be there. It was the scariest movie ever.
I still do not go in the ocean.
Course I don't live near an ocean.

So, I tried really hard to think of a fifth thing I am scared of......
so then I went to Pinterest and found this:
Click on it and follow the link to see what kids say!
Of course, a lot of them said, "Monsters!"
I can totally relate to that cause when I was little I used to turn off the light switch at bedtime and then run and leap into bed to keep the monsters under it from grabbing my leg.
Bet you did that, too!

Have a great spooky weekend! Don't let anything scare you!


Five for Friday! (But Really it's only Three) October 24th

Happy Friday Friends!

Thanks Doodle Bugs! I love this weekly randomness!

Well, it finally happened!
I do not have TIME to write a ton for this post! I am sorry- but suddenly it is late
and the final show of Project Runway is on
and I have to go see who wins!
Love that silly show!

The other day I was randomly flipping through my TpT store items and realized I have some products I had not looked at for a while. 
I mean they were all good,
but I can do so much better.
Look at this comparison:
Not bad, but I have always hated that cover.

So, I worked on it and came up with this:

Much better, right?
I freshened up the insides a little, too.
I love Kelly Benefield's borders!

Ok, it's time for my Celebration Freebie!
As you know I am celebrating some milestones this whole month. I have over 1100 feedbacks at TpT, over 600 followers at TpT, over 400 followers on this little blog and I decided the month of October would be a blow-out in Customer Appreciation. Every Friday I have been selecting a product from my store to bestow on you lucky bloggy friends
There is only one Friday left for  a freebie. What will it be next week?

Have a great weekend!


Wordless Wednesday!

So, two things happened yesterday that leave me quite wordless!

Just in time for Wednesday.....
and linking up to share mostly just a picture with very few words from me...
Thanks so much Christina for hosting this every Wednesday!

Okay... first thing that left me speechless, wordless, flabbergasted....
In a fifth grade lab class we spent some time examining cereal boxes and listing all the weird things we found on the packaging. We then learned what the weird symbols mean. After a few minutes a student said, "Wow, I have learned so much today!"
Wow, is right!

Second thing that made me pause and then laugh....

This is what fourth graders are doing in  the lab right now.
When one class came in the door, I heard someone say, "Yay! We are doing real science today!"

How is your week going?
What has left you speechless this week?


Pancakes, Mixing Bowls, and Baking Powder, Oh My!

The latest and greatest STEM Challenge

I had this Brain Pop one night.
It happens to me all the time- just random thoughts of greatness.

I mean, sometimes, I think of great things and then they become a disaster. One day I will have to tell you about letting kids shave crayons in my STEM Lab. Yeah, well, trust me,  don't try it.

Anyway, back to my Brain Pop!  I was searching for something STEM related and came across a home-schooling mom's blog and she was showing all these really neat kitchen experiments she does with her very little kids. Made me think about what we could cook at school.... which led to thinking about cooking on a griddle, since I don't have a stove in the lab...but I do have a griddle .....which led to pancakes. Cause, that's why I even have a griddle, for pancakes.

So, I'm thinking...we are going to cook pancakes, but how can I make that an experiment or design challenge. Ha! Easy Peasy!

First, I found a recipe that did not include eggs. I really did not want to even contemplate having kids crack open eggs. I found one that used milk, water, oil, flour, sugar, and baking powder. This is good, right?

So, what's next? Well, I needed to reduce the recipe so that it made a very tiny pancake. Little bit of math, no problem.
I was very excited.

Onward, to the lab!

Big mistake. 
I truly expected that kids would know how to measure flour.

I even showed them to use the edge of a knife to level off the tablespoon. They could do it, but it took nine hundred years. They had never done this or were being very careful.
I don't know. It took way too long.

Then we cooked our tiny pancakes and tasted them.
Now, I know what you are thinking. I said the math to reduce the recipe was easy, but somehow I messed it up.
Wrong! I did the math correctly. I just PURPOSELY left out the baking powder in the first batch. The pancakes were flat and gummy and like rubber.
So, we talked about this and also about the chemical reaction of baking powder....

See how I got that Science in there.

Next, we tried again, but this time the kids added whatever amount of baking powder they wanted to add- but they did have to choose from four specific measurements.
I also had learned my lesson about the flour so this time I pre-measured it into little cups.
This time when we cooked the pancakes you could see something really odd happening...
Do you see it???

The kids were very excited as they watched those bubbles forming.
Got some science in there again!

Well, ultimately the testing of different measurements and keeping data of the results led each group to declare a certain amount of baking powder was the best. Some of them felt rather strongly that three-fourths a teaspoon was the best.
I knew it would be too much.
Did I tell them?

Next step...
They had to increase their recipe! Giant math problem as every measurement of ingredients had to be multiplied by 8- and these were fraction amounts.
Pretty clever how I got some math in this activity, don't you think?

The final batch of pancakes made a large pancake for every student. They brought toppings and ate until their little tummies hurt. The ones that used too much baking powder had giant biscuits instead of pancakes, but when you put chocolate chips and syrup on that it tastes pretty good!

I'd say we learned a lot!

What have you tried lately? Seriously, even our epic failures teach us something!


Five for Friday! How to Neglect Your Blog in Five Easy Steps!

That's right.
Another great tutorial provided for you
Today, I will teach you how to neglect your blog.
This just happens to coincide, by the way, with Five for Friday,
so I thought, "Whatever, I'll just kill two birds....."
Thank you Doodle Bugs for your most versatile linky!

Now, here we go for Neglecting 101!

Way to Neglect your blog #1:
So, if you truly want to neglect your blog, first you have to have a classroom.
And it has to be August, or September, or October. Well, really, just take your pick. Almost any month will do. We are all drowning in paper work, testing, standards, and administrators adding seventy-five more acronyms to our vocabulary.
AMSTI, ARI, IB, PBL, CIP, IEP, 504, you get it, right?
So, jump right into the middle of that alphabet soup, and your blog will definitely have, like, zero posts.
Add TpT to that and you are most assuredly, up the creek without a paddle.

Way to Neglect your blog #2:
Try something new. Yes, right in the midst of all the horror in #1, add a new feature to your life.
Some people have babies, some get new cats, some start watching new TV shows.
I decided to try Interactive notebooks.
Why, yes, I have lost my mind. Glad you asked.
However, I am really enjoying the results of this grand adventure. Just look at this deliciousness:

Way to Neglect your blog #3:
Take on a brand new project that you already had resources for, but now you have to create new ones!
Here's the scoop on this one. A local company in my town decided to adopt our school and asked if we needed anything. Really?
So, I said I needed microscopes. I had 15, but since I have up to 27 students in two classes out of 15, I need more microscopes. The company said, "OK we will buy 12 more!" I mean, y'all, 12 new microscopes!

Guys, that looks better than dessert to me!
Except for the part of learning how to use the new ones because they are different than the old ones! Doesn't really matter. Kids love them no matter what!
Have you ever looked at the end of an eraser with a microscope?

Way to Neglect your blog #4:
Take part in something totally whack-a-doodle at your school.
Yes, today is Freaky Friday. I teach at a grades 3-5 magnet school and our partner school of grades 1-2 joined in with us. We are all switching places! We drew names out of a hat to find out what we would be teaching today. 
I am going to be a Kindergarten teacher!
Oh, my stars, I will have to devote a whole blog post about this adventure.
We are going to play a math game with candy corn and eat most of it.
We are playing with play-dough.
We are doing a craft with paper, and scissors, and glue.
We are going to get ONE Skittle for clipping up.
Littles will do anything for ONE Skittle.
I know I am going to be exhausted. 
Which is another reason to neglect a blog.

Way to Neglect your blog #5:

Join a blog hop and have a fabulous BRAIN POP!
I have brain pops all the time. It's when you have a super terrific jump-in-your-brain spontaneous idea that is so amazing you just start working on it.
Well, I had one of those while joining the Tricks and Treats Blog Hop.
I decided my treat would be having a Friday Freebie every Friday in October to show appreciation for all my followers- over 600 at Tpt, over 400 right here on this poor, neglected blog, over 100 Facebook Fans, and it's just so appreciated. So, I whipped up some posters and last week offered a candy experiment package FREE for just one day. Then this week it was a set of Posters featuring Engineers.

Have a great weekend!


Tricks and Treats Blog Hop!

Well, Happy Early Halloween Friends!
Thanks for visiting the Tricks and Treats Blog Hop-
you are in for some

First the Tricks!
It's not really a trick, don't worry.
What you will find are tried and true tips, tricks of the trade, hints to help you.
Teacher's Tricks!

So, here's your Trick from me!

Just a tip from someone that has taught for 30+ years---
In your classroom have a Go-to-Game. This is something you can use during the last minutes of the day, when you have five minutes to fill, or when your class needs a reward.
My game is called "Silent Toss".
We use a rubber band ball I purchased many, many years ago.

You can also use a small foam ball.
It's very simple. Everyone stands and the ball is tossed from kid to kid. The rules are: You may not talk except for saying the name of the person to whom you are throwing the ball. You must say the name before you throw the ball. You must toss underhanded and the toss must be catch-able. If you break a rule or don't catch the ball you are out. If you talk, you are out. If you make a bad throw you are out. When someone is out kids are expected to say, "Nice try!" (We don't laugh at someone that is out and we celebrate great catches!)

Easy enough, right? Well, after a couple of minutes I add a new rule. I say, "Stop, put one hand behind your back. You can now only throw with one hand and catch with that hand and your body." The game continues!
After a couple of minutes I add a new rule- now you can only catch with one hand, no using your body.
Other rules we add as the game goes on:
When the ball comes to you you must bounce it into the air once and then catch it with one hand.
Next is the same thing but with two bounces.
If we need another rule added we try bounce it up in the air and twirl around one time and catch the ball. Eventually, we have a winner. There is never a prize- just the fun of being the winner!
You can add your own creative flair to this.
Kids love it! I almost always use it as a reward after we have worked hard for a week or so. I promise I have kids see me years after being in my class and they will ask if I still play that rubber band ball game!

Ready for your Treat!

In honor of my many TpT customers and followers of this blog let's have an October celebration!
I have seen the follower numbers and feedback numbers climb steadily. I am amazed to see over 500 TpT followers, over 1000 TpT feedbacks, and over 400 followers of this blog. You guys deserve something FREE, right!

I just completed an experiment extravaganza in my classroom using Gobstoppers and other hard-shelled candy.

This experiment with several pages of step-by-step procedures, helpful hints, and photos is available in my TpT store.
Your treat is that it is free just for today (October 3)!
If you missed this awesome treat keep reading. 

I would just love it so much if you could leave some feedback about the package! We had tons of fun with the experiments- which includes designing your own candy experiment with ideas generated from class discussion! Enjoy!

Every Friday for this month of October another treat awaits you. You will need to visit the homepage of my store to find out what it is! Just click on the Banner when you get there and you will go straight to the free product! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and my store!

Thanks for joining our Blog Hop- check out the other bloggers and see what Tricks and Treats await you!

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