Five for Friday! (But Really it's only Three) October 24th

Happy Friday Friends!

Thanks Doodle Bugs! I love this weekly randomness!

Well, it finally happened!
I do not have TIME to write a ton for this post! I am sorry- but suddenly it is late
and the final show of Project Runway is on
and I have to go see who wins!
Love that silly show!

The other day I was randomly flipping through my TpT store items and realized I have some products I had not looked at for a while. 
I mean they were all good,
but I can do so much better.
Look at this comparison:
Not bad, but I have always hated that cover.

So, I worked on it and came up with this:

Much better, right?
I freshened up the insides a little, too.
I love Kelly Benefield's borders!

Ok, it's time for my Celebration Freebie!
As you know I am celebrating some milestones this whole month. I have over 1100 feedbacks at TpT, over 600 followers at TpT, over 400 followers on this little blog and I decided the month of October would be a blow-out in Customer Appreciation. Every Friday I have been selecting a product from my store to bestow on you lucky bloggy friends
There is only one Friday left for  a freebie. What will it be next week?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love Project Runway but will have to watch it tonight. It's on my DVR list. I missed last week because things were super busy so I am proud of you getting 3 done! Congrats on all your amazing success and thanks for the Freebie!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my '5 for Friday' post! Your science lab looks like such a cool place & I saw your post about the 'ditto' machine & I used to help my grandma make copies on that thing...I LOVED working it!

    Sewing & quilting has been such a fun hobby for my mom, aunt, & I to connect with! I loved how my mom made many of my clothes as a kid :0)!


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