Five for Friday! How to Neglect Your Blog in Five Easy Steps!

That's right.
Another great tutorial provided for you
Today, I will teach you how to neglect your blog.
This just happens to coincide, by the way, with Five for Friday,
so I thought, "Whatever, I'll just kill two birds....."
Thank you Doodle Bugs for your most versatile linky!

Now, here we go for Neglecting 101!

Way to Neglect your blog #1:
So, if you truly want to neglect your blog, first you have to have a classroom.
And it has to be August, or September, or October. Well, really, just take your pick. Almost any month will do. We are all drowning in paper work, testing, standards, and administrators adding seventy-five more acronyms to our vocabulary.
AMSTI, ARI, IB, PBL, CIP, IEP, 504, you get it, right?
So, jump right into the middle of that alphabet soup, and your blog will definitely have, like, zero posts.
Add TpT to that and you are most assuredly, up the creek without a paddle.

Way to Neglect your blog #2:
Try something new. Yes, right in the midst of all the horror in #1, add a new feature to your life.
Some people have babies, some get new cats, some start watching new TV shows.
I decided to try Interactive notebooks.
Why, yes, I have lost my mind. Glad you asked.
However, I am really enjoying the results of this grand adventure. Just look at this deliciousness:

Way to Neglect your blog #3:
Take on a brand new project that you already had resources for, but now you have to create new ones!
Here's the scoop on this one. A local company in my town decided to adopt our school and asked if we needed anything. Really?
So, I said I needed microscopes. I had 15, but since I have up to 27 students in two classes out of 15, I need more microscopes. The company said, "OK we will buy 12 more!" I mean, y'all, 12 new microscopes!

Guys, that looks better than dessert to me!
Except for the part of learning how to use the new ones because they are different than the old ones! Doesn't really matter. Kids love them no matter what!
Have you ever looked at the end of an eraser with a microscope?

Way to Neglect your blog #4:
Take part in something totally whack-a-doodle at your school.
Yes, today is Freaky Friday. I teach at a grades 3-5 magnet school and our partner school of grades 1-2 joined in with us. We are all switching places! We drew names out of a hat to find out what we would be teaching today. 
I am going to be a Kindergarten teacher!
Oh, my stars, I will have to devote a whole blog post about this adventure.
We are going to play a math game with candy corn and eat most of it.
We are playing with play-dough.
We are doing a craft with paper, and scissors, and glue.
We are going to get ONE Skittle for clipping up.
Littles will do anything for ONE Skittle.
I know I am going to be exhausted. 
Which is another reason to neglect a blog.

Way to Neglect your blog #5:

Join a blog hop and have a fabulous BRAIN POP!
I have brain pops all the time. It's when you have a super terrific jump-in-your-brain spontaneous idea that is so amazing you just start working on it.
Well, I had one of those while joining the Tricks and Treats Blog Hop.
I decided my treat would be having a Friday Freebie every Friday in October to show appreciation for all my followers- over 600 at Tpt, over 400 right here on this poor, neglected blog, over 100 Facebook Fans, and it's just so appreciated. So, I whipped up some posters and last week offered a candy experiment package FREE for just one day. Then this week it was a set of Posters featuring Engineers.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Whoops! This was a really fun post to read. I love your sense of humor!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! It was fun to write this post, too!

  2. Great and funny post - was fun reading it!

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I'm so glad I did! I'm your newest follower. You are BRAVE to teach kindergarten, even for a day. I'm almost tempted to suggest "Freaky Friday" at my school, but it would be a challenge! I'm excited about your Freebie Fridays! Thanks.
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. I cannot wait to hear how your venture into Kindergarten went!!! I love this post by the way! I have been feeling horrible because I have been neglecting my blog but your post helped me put things in perspective.
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  5. This post was fantastic! I had been neglecting my blog and my blog reading...trying to catch up now. Thus the reason for just reading this post from 2 weeks ago! Wow...12 new microscopes. I'd be jumping up and down. Just love reading all your matter when I get to them.

    Luv My Kinders


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