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Well, I have had some fun with October posts!
If you follow my little blog you have
learned how to neglect your blog, read about making pancakes in the lab, and learned about scary things! Now, it is time to 

It's November!
People, it is November......did that kinda creep up on you like it did for me!

I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw Farley's Currently post and had a little come apart
cause I was not READY for it to be Currently time!
But it is and I thank you Farley!

If you are here because of Currently, you probably already follow Farley, but if you just happened to stop by and don't follow her,
seriously, go and do that right now.

LISTENING.... my floor being vacuumed by a robot. That's right! I am too lazy to even push a vacuum and just turn on Roomba, watch the cats scatter, and then go away to blog. 
Believe it or not, it actually works really well. If you have pets you need a Roomba.

...MY JOB!
I sit through faculty meetings everyday and listen to the items that classroom teachers are struggling with----IEP's, PBL, PST, reports and surveys, Parent Conferences, Reading Goals, STAR testing results, prep for state testing, and this list never ends. What do I do during this time?
I doodle on my note paper
because none of it applies to me!
I just go back to my lab and do spectacular hands-on, mind-engaged, inquiry-based, amazing experiments and projects with kids that LOVE it!
Third grade recently learned about volume by building a container that would hold a specific amount of popcorn. The  container in that photo was well built, but about 4 times larger than needed.
Fourth graders are building platforms and in that photo kids were testing shapes of support columns. Our results showed a round column to be the best!

...about platforms for next week! Most of the classes will be building platforms using newspaper- like these:

A couple of groups will be starting the next set of platforms which involves straws! It's going to be interesting! We have learned a lot about what qualities a platform has. Last week some groups just built a tall column with a flat top! Is that a platform? It held weight- a lot of weight, but was it a platform? I had to change one of the constraints of the task to make sure we were building the right thing! We will try again this coming week!

...the weather to stay fall-ish! We had a light frost this morning in Alabama! Not fun. I would like the weather to stay in the seventies, please.

NEEDING... re-stock my aquarium.
I murdered my fish.
There was yucky brown algae. I added algae killer which killed the fish.
So, today I am going to the pet store to get new fish.
Maybe I will read the algae killer directions next time.....

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer.
It's about a group of friends that meet at summer camp as kids and then remain friends into adulthood. The story follows how they each take different paths, but remain somewhat friends. I am not sure where the story is going, but the characters are likable and I do want to see what happens to them!

Next up for me is to tackle Book 4 of the Game of Thrones series.
I love those books!

Have a great November!


  1. Wow! Your job does look awesome! Even though I am an ESL teacher and love to teach reading and writing I also love when I get to do a little bit of science and experiments. Was the fish story supposed to be funny? I'm sorry if it wasn't, but I giggled a little bit - I used to have the exact opposite problem. I had a fish that was obviously suffering (he swam upside-down) but the little bugger just wouldn't succumb. I was plagued with guilt that he was suffering and there was nothing I could do!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Roomba, huh...tell me more...I like the sound of!

    1. Hi Beth! A roomba is a small circular robot that vacuums on its own! It has a sensor brush that tells it when it is near something and it will reverse direction. It makes a zig zag circuit of the room until it thinks the room is finished and then re-docks itself to charge. Mine was about $300 but worth every penny when you have 3 cats! Thanks for visiting!

  3. How funny that you linked up right before me...I wasn't ready for Farley's November I used to have a Roomba, well technically I still do it just won't hold a charge anymore so I am back to doing it myself with my Dyson. I need to break down and get another, you are totally right they are the best! I so want to come be in your class, you are always doing such fun stuff. Lol..on your fish tank, I know you probably don't think it is funny, but that sounds like something I would do.

    Luv My Kinders

  4. While I do love my job, I totally want your job (and a Roomba!). I love hearing about the great investigations you do and love your lab and class pets! Very jealous!
    Growing Little Learners

  5. You crack me up! My sister has a Roomba and loves it!! My husband has killed too many fish to count, but always thinks it'd be a great idea to get another aquarium with some "cool" fish. Your job sounds awesome and you're lucky you don't have to deal with all the testing crap!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

    1. I am very lucky with my job- just not as lucky with fish. I went to buy new ones and when my water sample was tested it still was not a good ph level. So, I went back and dumped the entire tank, cleaned the gravel, and started over! Maybe by tomorrow I can add fish! Thanks for visiting!

  6. We are sooooo lucky to be able to teach science. Don't tell too many people or they might want our jobs:) I agree... we have Teachscape, Teacher effectiveness, PLC's, EBD kids almost all day in their rooms...I get them for an hour and then poof they are gone. After I teach the one hands on class they get all day so they are pretty good for me. I IS good. I forget sometimes.

    Renee at The Science School Yard

    1. We have a lot in common- maybe with juts different acronyms! Thanks for visiting! Have a great week!

  7. I love your job too and definitely wish the 60s/70s fall weather would stay. 43 degrees is not ok here in south Alabama!!!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond


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