Some Reflections....and You Might Cry

Subtitle: Never Quit

Hello Friends!
Merry Christmas to you! I hope this post finds you ready for Christmas break and spending time with your family.

It is rather unusual for me to find moments to sit and watch television, but in the last few days I have caught bits of several shows that left me reflecting on many things. It is also unusual for me to write a blog post that does not contain funny moments...just warning you....

Derrick Coleman
Do you know who this is? He's an NFL player- on the Seattle Sea Hawks team.
And he's deaf.
I watched a little special about him and was totally amazed by his attitude and words of wisdom about his life. Get this, when he was a kid there were bullies that would beat him up and take his hearing aids.

 You can watch a little of his story right {HERE}
You should watch it. It's pretty inspiring to think that a deaf man can play football.

Willie Burton
I saw this video right after the one about Mr. Coleman. This is the story of Willie Burton, a young man with cerebral palsy that decided to try wrestling in high school. The video is right {HERE}. It's about 13 minutes, but I promise it's worth the time. There's a scene near the end when Willie wrestles in his last match and then all his teammates kneel with him in a very large hug. You will cry. 

Amelia Dickerson
Have you read about her? She runs marathons.
She's blind.
You can watch a video about her and read her story right {HERE}.
At the end of the story another blind runner says this, "I just get brave and do it. I never quit."

This resonates with me. When I had a regular classroom this quote was painted on the wall above my door:
“Never quit. Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don’t quit until you reach it. Never quit.”    ~Paul Bear Bryant

I also have a charm I wear sometimes that is engraved with these words: "Never Quit."

Which brings me to reason for this post.
It is so easy to let these busy days of the Christmas season get the best of us. With our students, our family, our own children, our pets, ourselves....It's just easy to be a little grouchy and tired and out of sorts.
Especially with the little people entrusted to our classrooms, let's never quit on them. Today I watched an eight year old cry. She was making an ornament to take home and had cut the paper the wrong way. The ornament was not working. I took the paper from her, re-cut some it, and strung it together for her. It took all of 2 minutes to help this precious child.

Give out some extra hugs, find a surge of extra patience, and get through the next few days with some memories these kids will have forever. 

 Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Beautifully written and inspiring. It is the little things that mean so much. Today, in homework help I helped a struggling student with math. When she finished 8 pages of corrections with my help she cried. I gave her a big hug. She thought she would never get done. Never give and tearful.

    Renee from the Science School Yard

  2. I love the story of Derrick Coleman! He is so inspiring. My kiddos are die hard Seahawks fans and his story is a great one that I shared with them about working hard to meet your goals. Very inspiring!


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