Currently~ February

Another month gone by!
January was a busy one- here's hoping February is just as amazing and productive...
so what are you currently up to?

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Here's mine:

I am enjoying a podcast called Serial. My kids (my personal kids!) were listening to this on our trip to Colorado back in December. They would listen and then talk about it and it was rather intriguing. Then I saw that a bunch of blogger friends were recommending it.
So, I decided to try it.
You will find that it is a fascinating story. I have been listening as I get dressed in the morning and then drive to school. I can usually get a whole episode finished in that time frame! (I might have even sat in my car in the parking lot for a few minutes one day to finish an episode....)
Click on the photo to get to the website! 

My latest Brain Pops!
I have these all the time- just random ideas that jump into my head and then take off!
The latest ones all involved some kind of egg event in the STEM lab and let me just tell you, the kids are loving the challenges that involve cracking eggs. Well, not on purpose. They are not supposed to crack them!
That is the bottom of one of the inventions to prevent the egg from cracking.
So far we have only lost five eggs- out of nine classes with 6 groups in each class. Not bad!
Here's a funny thing I have noticed- I have taken a lot of photos of the inventions and almost all of them show the kids feet in some way. It is totally crazy how many of those feet have untied shoes! And these are fourth and fifth graders!
Not really surprising, I guess,,,,

... about a couple of  books I just finished. One is called The Good House.
It's about a woman who is around 60 and she is an alcoholic. It's all about her denial of having a problem and her friendships with townspeople she has known all her life. It is actually quite good, well written, and I would recommend it.
Then I read The Noticer.
This one is about a mysterious man that enters people's lives with advice that steers them in the right direction when they need it most. I have read other books like this one so it is not a new premise, nor was it particularly a great read. I stayed with it because it was a quick read and because someone lent it to me. I kept reading because I was looking for a hidden message implied in someone handing me the book. If there was one I totally missed it.....
I'd much rather have a trashy beach novel than something that makes me think too hard!

to get my MONEY!
Okay, I did this really stupid thing. I ordered some boots and a purse from Macy's- online.

Great, right?
Well, actually, NO!
The boots were really flimsy and kind of, maybe a little cheap.
The purse I LOVED!
Sadly, it had damage to the front.
So, I filled out the online form, boxed the stuff up, and dropped it off at a shipping store that handles Fed Ex packages.
Guess what? It was a UPS shipping label. So, two weeks went by and my package had still not arrived at Macy's. The shipping store was very nice and explained they would have sent it by regular US Mail since they do not ship by UPS, but of course that would take longer. Macy's has now told me the package has been received and my money should be forthcoming.
Ugh. Dumb. I hate when I do goofy things.

Really, nothing, but I wanted to have an answer for this part of the linky.
So, I did what we all do when we need something,
 I went to Pinterest.
I typed in "Need" and the most hilarious stuff popped up. Here's just a few things we need:
 Pizza charms for you and all your friends to share. It's actually a little bit cute.
 This one made me really laugh. It even has a built in ketchup holder.
 Really. Is this a tad lazy?
Now, this one I would buy! I hate when my taco falls over.
If you need a good laugh, go to Pinterest and type in "Need".

My Pageant Title...
Little Miss OCD
And, I have to tell you that when the pageant winner is crowned it really bothers me that the crown is too big and then it sits on her head crooked when she is walking around on the stage.
Have a great February y'all!
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  1. Hello from another Carol. :) I'm CRACKING up at your pageant title!! I am a closet OCD person--haha!! Thanks for the book recommendations--always looking for one!

  2. I love that french fry holder and I am a ketchup girl so that thing could work for me! LOL
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

    1. The french fry holder made me laugh! Seriously can we just eat the fries right out of the bag. But I guess if you were traveling it would make sense! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am OCD too!! Totally perfect for teachers. I think all great teachers are OCD!!

  4. I kind of love that taco holder. Because I hate when they fall over and everything falls out as much as you hate crooked crowns. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  5. LOVE that you googled "want" on Pinterest! A teacher at my school said that I reminded him of his wife who is also a teacher and I thought that was a strange comment until he mentioned that we both look EVERYTHING up on the computer! For me, it is the fastest way to learn something, fix a problem or find inspiration! Your post has given me an awesome idea. We are currently in the middle of some STEM challenges too and I needed something to use as a "weight" for our structures. Your idea about using an egg is BRILLIANT! That is exactly what I am going to use for the testing next week! Thanks for sharing.

  6. OMG online returns are the worst! I am such an amazon junkie and love ordering everything online, but returns are such a pain!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  7. I've been trying some of your STEM challenges but think I will give the egg challenges a definite miss! They sound fun though! I love that pizza charm (and that is was something that popped up with you searched for NEED! Have a great week x
    Growing Little Learners

  8. I cannot get over the search results for need. The taco stands are something I might look into lol. Returning anything is frustrating, but online stuff is SUCH a pain! I so hope to get to do the egg drop challenge soon! It looks soooo fun. Have a great week friend.

    Get Your Science On In Room 701

  9. Dad needs the fry holder - duh!

    Did you know the girl from Pinterest Told Me To makes six figures off that website? Seriously.

    I'm glad you are liking Serial! Make sure you read Jay's post-podcast interview. There are three parts, and it's very interesting. It changed the way I saw things for sure.

    1. Scheaffer makes that much!? Holy Cow! Good for her! At least her clothes look cute! Hey, the fry holder would make a great gag gift!

  10. Ok, I am going to have to go to Pinterest and put in "Need" those are too funny! Especially the fry holder. That would be the best gag gift ever for my oldest son for his The egg stem challenge sounds interesting. My boys all had to do an egg drop challenge in 8th grade and had a great time with it. I love to read but just never seem to find the time, unless it is a required Prof dev book it seems. The podcast sounds like something I would like, especially since I can just listen. I am going to check it out. Those boots look super cute, too bad they didn't work out. Hopefully you get your refund soon, then you can shop for some others. If I am being totally honest I could probably own that pageant title too. Great minds are alike. Have a great week! xo

    Luv My Kinders


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