Five for Friday! March 6

Two more Fridays and it will be

If you read my Currently then you know I had a crazy week. Go {HERE} if you need to catch up! 
Just kidding, but you can read if you want to!

Or you can just continue right here with Five Random Thingies!
I know you are tired of reading and hearing about the weather.....
Me Too!
Look at this:
That's the temp on my phone on Thursday.
On Wednesday it was 75 DEGREES here!
Thursday we had ice and sleet and another day off.
guess what... we are also at home today!
The roads are a MESS!

So, this week in the lab (for the TWO days of school we had) we worked on using blueprints.
I had the kids look at an array of supplies and then we decided as a group what we would build. The class in the photos wanted to design and build playgrounds.
What can I say? They are 3rd graders.
Next, they had to draw a blueprint
build the playground exactly like the blueprint!

I am not sure what the second photo is showing, but it does look like the blue print!
I had a kid say this to me,
"I think, like actually, this is the best I have ever done!"

Need a quick and easy challenge for kids? Maybe it's one afternoon when you just need to throw something together that will keep them engaged! Maybe it's a sub day!
Here's a great and Quick STEM Challenge!
Give the kids a box of supplies, one of which is a plastic spoon.
The challenge is to build a tower using all the supplies and the spoon must be at the top!
You will be so surprised at how hard this is!

You will also be surprised at how tall the towers will be!

Have you read this?
You should! It would make a GREAT read-aloud for your class and I would be reading it right now if I had a regular class! The main character has dyslexia and it's all about her struggles to read and write. There are mean kids and bullies and friends....and a perfectly powerful ending that you will sob through.

You know you teach science sometimes, right. Well do you ever write about it on your blog? You should because then you can join my Bi-Weekly Science Linky! Next week, March 11th will be the next time you can join!
C'mon, mark it on your calendar, send yourself a reminder, whatever you do to help remember stuff! When I really want to remember something I tape a note to my car keys.....

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! You are even having a heck of a winter in Alabama! Snow days are fun but I feel like you spend just as long or longer than the days you had off to settle back into the routines. LOVE your STEM challenges. Thanks for sharing!
    Joya :)

  2. I am right there with you for this crazy winter! I am so hoping that the worst (if not all) of it is behind us. I will be linking up this week for your science linky to share the Catapult Challenge results. Thank you again for the email with all the wonderful tips/ideas. I cannont wait to get started with trying to find ones to use! Have a great rest of your weekend!

    Get Your Science On In Room 701

    1. Thanks so much Bagby! I can't wait to see your class and their catapults! (By the way you are a "No-Reply" blogger again! My account reverts back to it occasionally and I have to go back through and change it!)


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