Five for Friday! April 24

Happy Last Friday of April!
Welcome to my latest five for Friday countdown- no theme this week, just a peek at my week- but only four days of it!

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Okay, y'all I had this vision of working with my third graders about Newton's Laws of Motion.
Just think about that for a minute......
Ha! Well, actually it was interesting because I found a super fantastic You Tube video that explained Law 1 so perfectly. We totally got it! Law 2 is a little more complicated so I came up with some experiments to get us all to understand it.
Oh. My. Gosh.
What was I thinking? 
I decided to have the kids push some little cars and see what kind of force was needed to go the farthest. Then I rather quickly re-thought that one as all I could envision is little boys throwing cars across the room!
We used car whackers instead.
You can tell I really thought about this- for about three seconds.
Yes, those are kids on the floor whacking little cars with meter sticks......
Here they are measuring distances:

So, that was my Monday!

I am in the midst and almost finished with this book:
If you like John Grisham you will like it. It is a lighter read than most of his books, however. Sometimes his books make me think too hard and remembering all the characters drives me nuts. This one is not that tough. It's about a female lawyer that is temporarily released by her New York law firm. She is told to work for free at a law clinic for a year and then maybe her big city job will become available again. So, she goes to a little Appalachian town and gets involved with lawsuits about coal mining companies. It's a quick read!

So, if you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen photos of the chalkboard that is outside my classroom. We have several of these in our school. One says, "What do you want to accomplish today" Another says, "What do you want to do before you turn 12?" The one outside my room does not have a permanent question. I change it occasionally.
This week it says this:
So, what is the HARDEST thing about being a kid?
Here's my favorite answers so far:

The last one made me laugh out loud!

Okay, so last week my fourth graders learned about bridges of Nepal and then built models. This week I had a class that finally completed this task! They are about two weeks behind other classes.
Anyway, there are a couple of genius ideas for me to share!
One of the problems to solve was connecting string to an end support for the bridge system. The string has to stay in place and move! Look at the photo below!
Y'all, they cut a plastic cup and made a pulley.

Here's another that made me just marvel at the ingenuity of kids. The bridges in Nepal have a seat that resembles the glider on a swing set. Most of the groups made boxes or used cups for their bridges. Look what this team made:
It has benches facing one another and gates on each side!

Aren't kids amazing!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. The outdoor classroom looks great! I love the toadstools.

    The "being short" comment made me laugh, too. Kids are hilarious.


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