Currently ~ May

It is May.
Thank you May for showing up!
Only a teacher understands this.
I love my job, but boy is it nice to see May get here.
It's also nice to visit Farley for the monthly Currently! Sure hope that cast comes off your arm soon, Farley!

So what is going on with me lately?
Take a look:

to my large cat snoring.
This is Luigi- my oldest and largest cat. I hardly ever mention him.
It's because he is just a bland cat.
I mean last night I heard my  husband say, "Hey did you hear that?"
It was Luigi meowing. Once. That's it. He meows about once a year. He eats, walks really slowly, and sleeps. That's all. He will chase a lazer pointer for about 4 seconds and then he remembers he is too dignified for that. He weighs 18 pounds! And he snores!

Have you been watching Outlander?

If you have not read the book series go right now and buy the first book. Then you need to watch this series on Starz. Mind you, it's graphic, but you will get over that pretty quickly when you see Jamie Fraser......just sayin'

about our latest adventures in the STEM Lab!
Y'all we are having the best time. I almost (but not quite) think it's not the last 15 days of school when kids have lost their minds.
First up, my third graders are designing boats. This is one of the first STEM challenges I ever tried (in October 2013) and it is my best selling package at Teachers Pay Teachers.
This week I gave it an overhaul and added some new features to the experience. We loved it! I am working hard on getting the challenge updated and will upload it soon! If you already own it, check in a few days and snag the updated version. Here's some photos of the thirdies boats!

My fourth graders are creating the most amazing device that I call Cargo Drops. More about this one later when we have finished the whole challenge. Here's a sneak peek:

In this one I gave the kids some supplies which included THREE index cards. One student said, "Hey, Mrs. Davis, if you had given us 4 cards I could make a box." My reply, "Yep, but that would make it too easy, right?"

UGH! a new handbag! I complain about this all the time. I have a beautiful bag I ordered about a year ago and I did like it, but, you know we have to trade out to a new one occasionally, right?
I need a shoulder bag- with two sections.ONE handle. Not shoulder handles and carry handles.
An outside pocket for my phone and car keys. Most importantly it needs to look modern, not like an organizer bag that my mother would carry.....
Maybe like this....
Isn't that gorgeous? Except, why does it have two sets of handles? It does have two zipper compartments you cannot see and then a middle section, so that's good.
Sadly, it is $328.....
I need the Target version of this...

Book recommendations!
I am almost finished with this one:

It's a heartbreaking story of Willow, a 12 year old genius. She is totally misunderstood because of her proclivity for use of advanced vocabulary (notice that big word I threw in there)! She is even accused of cheating on a standardized test on which she scored a perfect mark. Sadly, her parents are both killed in a car accident and she is taken in by Mai and her family. Mai, her mother Pattie, her brother Quang-Ha, Willow's counselor Dell, and a taxi driver are all part of Willow's story. It's a beautifully written book!
So, what should I read next??


My summer Vegas. The TpT Conference is going to be awesome. We are going to be there for extra days and a drive to the Grand Canyon is planned!

My summer HOPE.... Exercise. I need to get back to working out more consistently! Walking every morning is also excellent for me- I listen to books on tape while I walk!

My summer DREAM... an Alaskan Cruise. We are going to do this in the next year! Maybe not this summer, but maybe in the fall. If you have been on this cruise what time of year is best?

Have an ah-MAY-zing month!


  1. I also want a MK bag - they are so beautiful, right?
    Your science projects look awesome...I was never good at teaching (or learning) science, so it's great to see amazing science teachers out there! :-)
    BigTime Literacy

    1. I love science and engineering! It's also kid heaven. They love to build things! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I love your cat. We also have a cat but she is crazy. Like in the middle of the night attack crazy. LOL I totally get your wanting a new purse....and it is Target for me too. The wants on a teacher's salary. Enjoy Vegas I wish I could go it sounds like so much fun!

    1. I actually have three cats! Luigi is seldom in pictures on this blog or my instagram. Mostly it's because he doesn't photograph well- his face gets lost! I am checking purses at Target again- but even there the one I want is $38! Thanks for visiting!

  3. I had a black cat when I was younger but he was cray-cray and the exact opposite of yours...attacked me once when I was getting on the school bus lol. I'm reading a book about habits I talk about in my post. It's NF but so far so good. Glad to have found you through Currently!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

    1. Thanks for visiting Destiny! I noticed your blog name right in front of mine on the Currently post- Terrific!

  4. Luigi is BEAUTIFUL! And that Alaskan cruise is sounding fabulous!!

    1. Luigi is a gorgeous cat- but he has zero personality! The Alaska cruise is going to happen- I am saving money for it! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Have you read "Girl on a Train"? It is fantastic. It has been our book club selection for May. I took wrote down Counting by 7s on my to read list.

    1. I have read that book! I liked it a lot-it kept me guessing right up to the last paragraph. Counting by 7's was really good. I read it thinking it might make a great read-aloud at school, but it has some references in the beginning (about making babies) that would be a no-no! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Poor old Luigi getting overshadowed by the others (especially Roo)! An Alaskan Cruise sounds amazing - I hope you get to go soon! Thank for the book recommendation - I'll add that one to my summer reading list!
    Growing Little Learners


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