Bulletins Boards-Round 3

Do you like to create bulletin boards? I don't know...

You are a teacher. You get it. You have these big old boards to decorate. What do you do? This is my third round of bulletin board posts. Some have been easy to make and some not so much!
But they have turned out great!
Bulletin Boards with easy directions!
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First, an update! 

(Keep reading because I promise there are NEW boards to view- with directions on how I did them!) Take a look at this one:
Bulletin Boards with easy directions!

You can read more about this one {HERE}, but I need to update you a little. That little house I made stuck out from the board about 3-4 inches and you know what happened, right?

Yes, a very tall fifth grader ran into it and knocked it off the board. It was hot-glued up there and it ripped the paper right off and ruined the board.

I knew it was likely to happen, So, it was okay. Note to you- if you do a dimensional board think about where it is located! A hallway is not a great choice! I didn't even try to fix it. I just made a whole new display.

Keep reading!

So, I saw a great pin on Pinterest (the perfect place to find bulletin board ideas)!

It had an octopus made from paper chains.
Well, that seemed easy enough.
So, I started making chains.....
Bulletin Boards with easy directions!

I covered the board with black paper (mostly because that was one of the few colors available). The board border is just a mix of colors, but it is what I had!

I placed the center of the eight legs at the top corner and then just stapled them in place across the board and the wall.

Now, for what the board is going to show----

hmmmm, why not something about Hands-on Science!
Here's the end result:
Bulletin Boards with easy directions!

Okay, that took care of a hallway board. 

But, I have another board in one of our main halls to decorate. Here's a reminder of what I put up there last spring:
Bulletin Boards with easy directions!

That one was fun to make! 

I actually used a large garbage bag for the diver and traced around a student to make the shape. The little boy loved it! You can read more about that board right {HERE}.

So, now I need to create another square board.

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I saw a pin with a very colorful board. The colors were all different shapes of paper in many, many shades of colors. I loved the look and thought it would be fairly easy to just cut the paper and arrange it.

So, I gathered construction paper and cardstock, arranged it by color family, and used my paper cutter to make smaller rectangles.

Next, I needed to arrange these in a large square- actually it is 45 inches square.

Well, I really didn't want to just start stapling it on the board. I thought the staples showing all over the board would look awful. So, I made the shape on my floor and started laying paper on it.
My original plan was to make the pieces line up perfectly, but it only took about 15 minutes to stop doing that. When I got this much laying the way I wanted it I made tape roly-polies and stuck the papers together. Then I just kept going with more colors and putting roly-polies under the overlaps to hold it together.

Gorgeous, right?

Well, that took a good hour. And then I tried to pick it up. It wanted to come apart in places and I ended up flipping it over and taping along the lines to hold it together.

This was a step I had not planned to do, but I could not carry it down the hall unless it was secure. Then I added the words, and here's the final board:
Bulletin Boards with easy directions!

Overall, I love it, but it took a long time! Easy directions, but time-consuming! We left it hanging in the hallway for a long time! Hope you found some great ideas right here!


  1. Carol, your bulletin boards are so creative I love them! I especially love the patchwork one. I think I might try that! Thanks for the great idea. Have a great day.

  2. Your boards are fabulous - so eye catching and fun!! Looks like you've had a busy week! Have a great weekend!

    Teaching Autism

  3. WOW!!! They look amazing. I especially love the colorful inspiration about attitude.

  4. I love looking at your boards! So creative.

  5. Your bulletin boards are gorgeous - and I love that octopus with his chain legs!
    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve with those Barbie shoes!
    :o) Pamela
    Hedgehog Reader

    1. The octopus board was fun to make! You could certainly have kids help make the paper chains! I like that he is off center, but after I hung it up I wondered what it would have looked like if the head were right in the center......I am not changing it! Thanks for stopping by!

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