9 Ways to Enjoy Winter Vacation 2015!

I hope you have had a very relaxing and much-needed school break! It is so good to be off and sleep later and wear yoga pants and t-shirts and just be calm. I even wore yoga pants to Wal-Mart yesterday and I never do that!

If you have been hanging with me on this blog for a while you know that my family takes a winter vacation about every year. We have done this since our kids were very small and they are now adults- old adults, like 27 and 30!

Anyway, this year we took off for Lake Tahoe!
We stopped in Reno and did some ski shopping and then zipped into South Lake Tahoe after dark.
The rest, is very interesting........
So, here's the top 9 ways this winter break was......different...

First day was all travel, including a shopping excursion in Reno- where I found new ski boots!

If you have ever skied you know how important it is to have well-fitted and warm boots. These are spectacular!
Oops, sorry, that is not one of the 9 Ways to Enjoy a Ski Vacation, but worth mentioning anyway.

So, here are the  NINE WAYS!

#1 and #2 Sierra at Tahoe

Our first day of skiing we opted to go to a resort about 30 minutes away from South Lake Tahoe where we were staying and off we went in heavy snow:
It is hard to take a photo of falling snow, but there you have it- it snowed non-stop.
Now, I know what you are thinking......if you are skiing you would want snow, right?
Snow on the ground is a big yes.
But falling from the sky, not so much.
When you are snow covered here are the things that happen- your goggles fog over or get crusted with frozen snow flakes- which means you cannot see. Everything gets covered with snowflakes and then they melt and you are wet.
We skied until we were all soaked and cold and just ready to go back to the condo and rest.
Sierra at Tahoe is a fabulous resort. The weather gets zero stars....

#3 Board Games

Normally we play Settlers of Cataan when we are traveling. This year my son purchased a new game for us. It's called Carcasonne!
I like it so much more than Settlers! You pull the pieces from a pile and build a landscape. Points are scored based on where you place your tiles. Let me just tell you this- if you ever play this game you need to place some farmers in the fields. Those guys score big in the end! And they just lay there doing nothing for the entire game!

#4 Day 2 and an Attempt to ski in another place!

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by ski resorts and the main one is called Heavenly. However, we know that Heavenly can be a little difficult unless the sun is shining, so when we got up on day 2 and it was still snowing and cloudy, we decided to take off for Homewood. This is the cutest small resort across the lake and we piled in the van to go!
Along the way we finally saw our first, yes FIRST, glimpse of the lake. Did I mention that it was snowing and cloudy and foggy....
This shot was taken around the bend from the single most beautiful place on earth. 
Emerald Bay.
But.....we never made it to Emerald Bay.
Because right after we stopped and took photos of the lake we set off driving again and the road was blocked- by an avalanche.
Yes, friends.
An Avalanche.
So, we turned around and headed back to South Lake Tahoe.

#5 and #6 Let's try a different resort! 

Well, that sounded great when we talked about it. Kirkwood was on our way back to SLT, so we headed there.
Kirkwood was a bust. The roads to get to Kirkwood were impassable unless you had chains on your tires.
So, we decided to drive north to Incline Village. This is the sweetest little town at the north shore of Tahoe on the Nevada side. We tried two fabulous things there.
One was a coffee shop called IV Coffee. 
As in I.V. Funny, right?
The barista had some fun with our lattes. We each had a picture "painted" in the foam.
Just look at this:
Seriously. The guy was talented. He drew a heart for me and a snowman for my daughter, and an eagle for our son-in-law. The elephant was for hubs- who just happened to be wearing a Roll Tide cap.....

After coffee we headed to a rock climbing gym and I watched the kids climb:
Zipping up the wall is my daughter and my son and his girlfriend are watching her.
I didn't climb, but I did enjoy this book:
Have you read this? You seriously should. It is a beautifully written memoir!

#7 Happy Birthday!

My daughter surprised me with a birthday cake one night. My birthday is Christmas Day and she always tries to recognize the day in a sweet way.
This was delicious.
The doodads on the cake were not edible- even though we all tried pieces of it....

#8 Finally.

Wednesday was a sunny day and not snowing and we tackled Heavenly.
It is truly amazing to see this.
The skiing was mostly good, but a little crowded.

#9 Art

We were standing in line to ride the Heavenly gondola back to the bottom at the end of the day and I looked around and saw this:
The trees were covered in these little balls of frozen snow. They were works of art. Beautiful.

So, there you have it. Nine ways to have an interesting winter break!
Go skiing. If you have never tried it you should put it on your bucket list.
If you want to read about our winter vacation from last year click right {HERE}!

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