Are You Choosing to be a Reader?

Some months when I read a set of books I will see a common theme. I don't usually plan for that to happen. This month was one of those months.

A theme developed accidentally. See if you can decide what it is ( and I will tell you later)!
Monthly Book Reviews- Each month I review five books and present summaries for you! These are books I can recommend! My reviews will give you reasons to try the book and enough information to make you interested in reading, but not give the story away! Enjoy!


How to Create a Foosball Frenzy in STEM

I still remember playing foosball when I was a teenager. We lived overseas, in Germany. I was an Army kid! Yep, grew up in Germany where we lived on an Army base, went to American schools, and all of us were from the states.

I could write a whole blog post on what it meant to grow up in that culture... but today we are talking all about foosball!

This one was just amazingly fun! And, it's going to be fun for you too- especially because there is a freebie involved! Take a look!

STEM Foosball! This challenge will have students building a foosball model that has two teams trying to kick a ball or marble. Students create the foosball players, design the format of the players, and add details to make the set fun. Let the competitions begin!


Bulletin Board Bonanza!

If you join me here very often you know I love three things- STEM, Reading, and...


That's right. I love creating bulletin board displays. Here are some of my latest creations!

Science Bulletin Boards! Templates for four boards with great ideas for elementary science displays and projects for classroom teachers. Images are included to customize your boards by printing letters and designing your own displays. Easy and fun ideas to add a science bulletin board to your classroom!

Those little square boards are just too much fun!


Fun Ways to Celebrate Winter Sports

About two weeks ago a group of fifth-graders asked me when we would be doing another Escape Room.

They actually cheered when I told them I was working on a new one. This one was actually inspired by a family trip to Crested Butte during Christmas break. I started thinking about a STEM challenge while riding a lift to the top of the mountain and BAM this Escape Room and Challenge were born!

It's based on all the sporting events that happen during the winter and also has a little inspiration from the Winter Olympics.

This Escape Room Quest is perfect for celebrating all things winter- especially sports.

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