5 Books That You Won't Want to End

I know this has happened to you!

The end of the book comes too soon. And later in the day, you think about reading that book and then remember you finished it.

It's awful, isn't? Sometimes I just don't want to get to the end.

This month I am sharing 5 of those books. Enjoy!

Five fabulous books reviewed! Check this blog post for the details!


Ways to Stay Engaged at the End of the Year

Let's face it! The last two months of school are just jam-packed and busy and chaotic. We have so many things to do and so many last-minute things happening. How do you keep your students engaged in their work?

Well, I have some ideas for you! These are fun and will save you some time in planning and creating! Take a look!
Ways to keep students engaged during the busy spring months leading to the last day of school. The post includes escape rooms, STEM, flip books, and tips!


Do You Need a Robot to Make Your Life Easier?

This is the question I posed to my third graders one day. Just imagine what they told me!

Of course they needed a robot, but the imaginings about what the robot could do for them were... maybe not very realistic.

So, we had to back up and really think about what it would mean to own a robot!

STEM Challenge- Build a robot that has a useful purpose! What could a robot specifically do that would be helpful at your home? Students make the decision and then choose the materials to build a model.


A Simple Guide to Bubbles in the Classroom

Have you ever tried bubbles in your classroom? I mean, inside your classroom?

Sounds pretty daunting, I know, but I am about to let you in on some little secrets!

STEM Challenge and experiment- students experiment with tasks using bubble solution. Then they design their own bubble wand. This post will help with tips and the resource has even more. It includes a detailed teacher's guide, photos, a lab sheet, and scoring rubric. #STEM #elementary


Everything You Need to Know About Seed Dispersal

Many years ago I taught third grade and every year we completed a hands-on study of seeds. We planted a fast growing seed called the Brassica and watched our little plants go through their entire life cycle- from seed to seed. It was a spectacular study.

While we waited for the growth spurts (and it really only took about 45 days to see bubs, blooms, pollen, and then seed pods) we learned the parts of the flower and also learned about pollination.

Seriously, this was one of my favorite science units.

So, how can we take that study one step further and have a STEM Challenge? Here is everything you need to know!

Seed dispersal, flower parts, bird feeders- all fabulous STEM Challenges featured on this post. Also includes little flip books you can make with your students. The resources have detailed teacher's guides, photos, and more! #STEM #elementary

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