5 Thrillers to Keep You Up All Night!

Do you love a good thriller? I sure do! I do try to alternate genres because this keeps reading interesting and fun, but I will throw in a thriller when I need a pick-me-up.

I have several to highly recommend to you this month!

Book reviews of five fabulous thrillers! Take a look at this blog post to find some highly recommended page-turners!


How to Create the Perfect Summer Camp STEM

Does your school system have summer school or summer camp? I hope so! Summer camp is the perfect setting for STEM activities- many of which can be completed outdoors.

Kids love STEM and summertime is the perfect time to continue to work on those collaboration skills. I have some super engaging challenges to share with you!

STEM Challenges that are perfect for Summertime or Summer Camp! This post features 6 STEM Challenges that your elementary STEM Summer Camp needs to try! #STEM #summercamp


Building Hammocks in a Few Easy Steps

Oh, how we love lying in a hammock on the beach, surrounded by palm trees, and listening to the sounds of the waves rolling in slowly. Now, I am not promising you that this challenge will recreate that scene for you- but it is still fun!

Let's build some hammock models!

Here’s another fantastic real-life STEM challenge featuring a Hammock! This one is just pure fun (and challenging!) Students must build a model of a hammock. There are two versions of this challenge provided. Both are challenging and full of problem-solving! Check this blog post for more!


The Great Cereal Box Project (with a little bit of math)

This STEM project is one of my personal favorites! It's a 2-3 session challenge packed full of Math!

There are several ways you can add to the creativity of this project- with advertising, commercials, and performing- if you wish to expand the experience.

What is it all about? Keep reading and enjoy this project soon!

It's the Cereal Box Project! Students learn how to calculate volume and surface area as they design a new cereal box. They explore marketing as they present their final designs! Fabulous STEM multi-day activity!


3 Easy Ways for Making Marvelous Mazes

A few years ago I had a great idea about having students create mazes from boxes and paper. I thought they would like making these, but I was wrong. They LOVED it!

It never occurred to me they would enjoy mazes so much, but they really do. They try so hard to make all the paths work and have dead ends. Their mazes are also decorated so creatively. 

Since this is such a fabulous project we have tried this challenge many times and in different ways.

STEM Challenges- Build mazes! This blog post gives tips about creating three different kinds of mazes. Links to the resources are included! Easy materials and easy prep challenges are the best!

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