Life's A Beach - Book Reviews

Life is a beach!

Well, to be honest, I am not a beach person. I really do like the sand and do not get in the water at all. My family is much more likely to take a winter vacation than a summer one.

But I do like beach books. I read one of these recently and then realized I had another in my next-read stack that also had the word 'beach' in the title. Then I started looking and quickly found a long list of books that feature that word.

So, I thought, why not! A beach themed month of books! Enjoy!

Book Reviews of five books that all have 'beach' in the title! Great beach-reads!


The Perfect Planner for Specialists

If you have been teaching for a while then you probably remember those very large planners your admin would hand out at your first faculty meeting of the year. You know the ones with very large boxes and you had to write everything by hand? And those plan books would not fit in your teacher bag! Wow, times have changed.

A few years back some very popular companies invented a teacher planner that is quite spectacular. It has all sorts of bells and whistles and design elements. When I still taught third grade I did buy one of those one year and loved it. It had so many extra features- like birthday charts, seating charts, parent contacts, and password sections. Lots of extra pages!

Except, now as a specialist, I don't need all those extra pages.

I teach one subject. I need small spaces to jot down the basics of what we are doing. I don't need a birthday page for 350+ students. I need a calendar and some basic planner pages with small sections. I don't need a lunch count page. I looked for something that would fit the needs of a specialist and was not overwhelmed by any of the options, so...

 I started making my own planner. 

Are you looking for a teacher binder or planner or calendar? If you are like me and only teach ONE subject your planner/binder/calendar needs are different! This product is designed for specialists that want a calendar specifically for a teacher of one subject!


Problem Solving with Straws and Cards

Sometimes I invent the best things! No, I'm actually serious. Sometimes I have an idea for the STEM Lab and it just works. Beautifully!

Now, don't get me wrong. I also have moments where everything goes south and the project fizzles and we just laugh it off.

But, occasionally a moment of genius happens and it is amazing and fun. These two tower projects just happen to be the best of times!

STEM Challenges using the easiest materials and only 12. It's either 12 straws or 12 cards and both projects are challenging. Both include many variations to make kids think outside the box! #STEM #teachersareterrific


Can You Save the Egg? A Parachute Project

Well, let me just tell you how excited students were to see "Egg Drop" on our agenda board! In fact, we had Egg Week!

I had third graders designing Egg Cars. Fourth graders were working on Egg Towers.

Fifth graders were doing the ultimate Egg Drop from a 20-foot height.

What a fabulous week we had!

It’s the Ultimate Egg Drop! A favorite for kids- using eggs and Parachutes! This STEM activity will have your students working to design and build a parachute that will safely land fragile cargo. Not only will they need to make the parachute, they will also create a container in which to store the cargo. The cargo, of course, is an egg! Can they create the best parachute canopy? Will their egg container protect the egg? Will the device all land safely?

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