How to Make Music with Words

This month has a fabulous collection for you! I loved all of these and can recommend them to you! It was a month of very good reads!

Speaking of good reads... Do you ever re-read a line or a paragraph? I sure do! When the words are just striking all the right notes, when they sing with anxiousness or reach a high note of's music. Don't you agree?

Books are like music- for those who listen!

Book Reviews- five books that will keep you up and night and stick with you for a long time!


Ahoy- Let's Talk About Pirates!

Can we talk about how much kids love pirates and treasure chests and birds that talk? A few years ago I had a cockatiel in the STEM Lab and we tried so hard to get the silly thing to say anything. But, sadly, he only squawked. Loudly.  All. The. Time.

Anyway, I have discovered any task that involves boats, treasure, pirates, or birds is one that kids will stay engaged with and that is enough reason for me to invent more challenges and tasks for them!

This should be just in time for "Talk Like a Pirate Day"! (September 19th)


'Egg-Static' Over These Projects

Kids love a good joke, so try this one:

How do monsters like their eggs?  (terri-fried)

They will giggle and want to hear more! Kids also love any experiment or structure challenge that involves eggs. And I have several!

It’s  exciting Egg Challenges! This includes four STEM Challenges that all use eggs as part of the structure or drop. Take a look at this blog post for the details!


Fizz, Bubble, and Expand- Chemicals in the Elementary Classroom

Long ago, when I taught third grade, we started a hands-on science program. Teachers were provided with four kits per year that included a teacher's guide and all the materials to teach the 8-week unit.

Can you say FABULOUS! I mean, seriously, the first kit I received (I was teaching 5th grade) was called Microworlds. The kit included a microscope for every student. Every. Student. This was a game-changer for me.

It was purely wonderful to have all the materials I needed. Then I moved to third grade and also loved, loved, loved the kits we taught.

My favorite one was about chemical testing. 

So, of course, I needed to add some chemicals to the STEM Lab! #ofcourse

Chemical Changes in the elementary classroom! Tips for completing experiments and demonstrations that will help your young students understand the difference between chemical and physical changes. #teachersareterrific #elementary #science


Weather Tips That Will Put You on Cloud 9

My message today could be about weather or idioms, right? Because you are not really on cloud nine when we use that phrase.

I have several things to share that are all about weather and, believe it or not, one of them does have some idioms in it! Keep reading!

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