The Never-ending Book List - Monthly Reviews

Do you have a wishlist for your books?

I have several....

I have my Amazon list, my Audible list, my Goodreads list, and a list on my phone. That's actually a good thing since I choose books based on these lists and recommendations. If you ever have a book to recommend, please let me know!

Book reviews of five great books. A crime drama, a couple of chick-it books, and a family with multiple problems. All great reads! Check this blog post for the reviews.


How to Add a Twist to any STEM Challenge

Are you ready for a frequently asked question? I decided to start a series of these! Last month was all about tips to get you started in STEM- especially if you are overwhelmed.

This month the question is: "How can I change a STEM Challenge to make it more challenging or just add a little zest to it?"

What a great question and I have the perfect answer and some samples to show you!

STEM Challenge blog post to help you add a little zest to any activity to make it even more engaging and add some skills (math). #teachersareterrific


How to Change a STEM Challenge with a Book

Let's be honest. Every time we teach a lesson we approach it a little differently. We learn as the students learn and the next time we try something we build from that experience.

This is especially true for me and STEM. Every single time I try a challenge I change it up in some way. Change the rules, add a material, use fake money to purchase materials, or add a little flair- like an apple or a pumpkin.

Ha! Keep reading!

STEM and Reading! Here is a blog post telling ways to use a book as inspiration for a platform challenge! #teachersareterrific


Surefire Way to Engage (Hint: It's Candy!)

You know this already, I am sure. One way to grab the attention of your students is to add food to whatever you are doing!

I always used food items as math manipulatives when I taught third grade. We graphed the colors of M &M's. We use Hershey's candy bars to show plate tectonics. On Valentine's Day, we used conversation hearts for graphing, predicting, and compiling tables of information about the words.

So, of course, I have tried food in the STEM Lab. But, I had to make it all about science!

Science Experiments with candy. After experimenting by using the scientific method, students design their own challenge. #teachersareterrific #science


Adding a Little Halloween - with Spiders and Skeletons

Do you celebrate Halloween in the classroom? I know some school systems are moving away from holiday celebrations. My school has a Halloween 'snack' - not a party. The students do not dress in costumes at school. It is a very low key day.

But, what if you are interested in something that is a Halloween topic? Maybe you need something that will work for the fall season.

I have resources that are perfect for October. Here's the best news. These resources are perfect for all year long.

So, you can add a little to your Halloween/fall/October festivities or try these activities at any time! #winwin

Escape Rooms and STEM Challenges perfect for October. These sets are all about spiders and skeletons! #teachersareterrific #STEM #elementary

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