Surefire Way to Engage (Hint: It's Candy!)

You know this already, I am sure. One way to grab the attention of your students is to add food to whatever you are doing!

I always used food items as math manipulatives when I taught third grade. We graphed the colors of M &M's. We use Hershey's candy bars to show plate tectonics. On Valentine's Day, we used conversation hearts for graphing, predicting, and compiling tables of information about the words.

So, of course, I have tried food in the STEM Lab. But, I had to make it all about science!

Science Experiments with candy. After experimenting by using the scientific method, students design their own challenge. #teachersareterrific #science


Adding a Little Halloween - with Spiders and Skeletons

Do you celebrate Halloween in the classroom? I know some school systems are moving away from holiday celebrations. My school has a Halloween 'snack' - not a party. The students do not dress in costumes at school. It is a very low key day.

But, what if you are interested in something that is a Halloween topic? Maybe you need something that will work for the fall season.

I have resources that are perfect for October. Here's the best news. These resources are perfect for all year long.

So, you can add a little to your Halloween/fall/October festivities or try these activities at any time! #winwin

Escape Rooms and STEM Challenges perfect for October. These sets are all about spiders and skeletons! #teachersareterrific #STEM #elementary

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