My Lab!

 The transformation of the STEM lab is spectacular! From a cluttered, very large "storage" room to a usable, well stocked and organized space- it has been quite a journey!

BEFORE- look on top of the cabinets!
AFTER- Junk is cleaned off and cabinets are stocked.
BEFORE- bare walls and look at the door in the back!

AFTER- Curtain on that door and art on the window. Look at the bulletin board, too!

BEFORE- Bare walls again and look at that window in the back!

AFTER- Posters above the board and look at that window!

BEFORE- look at the door and windows!

AFTER- cute curtains!

BEFORE- crowded corner and that's the teacher desk in the foreground.

AFTER- Now look at that corner and the desk!

BEFORE- sign outside the lab
Added a Quote
My Desk area
Plants hanging in the windows
Another quote
Vocabulary Board
Another quote
My Favorite quote
Center Supply Table
Library area
View from a corner

Teachers Are Terrific!

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